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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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Interview with Dr. Gupta



'O great saintly person, you have compiled the astrological knowledge by which one can understand past, present and future unseen things. By the strength of this knowledge, any human being can understand what he has done in his past life and how it affects his present life. This is known to you.' [Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.8.5] 

'...any gentleman, dhira, must be interested in Jyotish, astrology.' — Srila Prabhupada

Reading the above quotation from Srimad Bhagavatam Dr. Sunit Kumar Gutpa started opening his Pendora Box of Vedic- Knowledge.

 Dr. Gupta is a synonym for a modern sadhu, swami, guru, pundit, scholar, jyotishi, palmist, messenger, helper, healer, devotee, yogi, tantrik, counselor, life coach, reiki grand master, karateka -sensei, intuitive, spiritualist and what not?

Going through the yesteryears of Gupta and observing the exuberant knowledge oozing out from his pendora box. I was mystified that how could such diverse qualities could converge in one person?

'Well' Sunit Replied ' May be I have lots of Sanchit Karmas from my previous Life? May be I worked hard and with strict discipline of time management? May be like Paramahamsa, I always tried to distinguish between water and milk? May be I am Godgifted? May be the samskaras given by my parents and family? May be my devotion? May be a combination of all? I don’t know. I just do it.'

Dr. Gupta is a well known name throughout the World for his accurate predictions and through his philanthropic endeavours. 

Specifically his predictions for Bill Clinton and George Bush becoming the Prsedent was flawless. He has numerous websites since the world wide web started. Some of his sites which offers knowledge to a layman are: and has been featured Worldwide in newspapers , television and radio all over the world including C.N.N., Doordarshan, Voice of America. He also has his own T.V. and radio programs 'Psychics: Myth or Fact', 'Spiritual Dimension of Life' , 'L.A. Masala' since more than last two decades. For years he was also a columnist for L.A.India (Now India Journal) , Indian News Express and Crescent News Express.

Today I was privileged to interview this great personality in his Upland Shrine. I was impressed by his 3000 sq ft + office. In the busy summer, within Mountain Square Plaza, amongst Staples, Home Depot, Starbucks is his office since almost last three years. With different chambers for different services.

With the help of some great souls like Dr. Yogesh Paliwal, Mrs. Jyoti Paliwal, Dr. Amit Paliwal, Dr. Satya Narayan Somani, Mrs. Sarita Gupta, Miss Hersheeta Kumari Gupta, Mr. Navneet Kumar Gupta, my beloved parents and my Gurudev Shri. Parimal K. Bhattacharjee. I was encouraged to open business in this location. We have a dream heal and help our clients completly. 

If the client wishes to try complimentary help through alternative medicine. I try to help them through Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Spiritual practice.

Bottom line is to heal the patient from the root. We have helped so many patients where other practioners could not.

He expalined these are like 36 chambers of Saholin. I consult in one, heal in other, pray in one and teach in next.

Now my curiosity was building up. I could not resist asking him . 'Can you please elaborate on what exactly you do and the methodology you practice'?

'Actually, I do not know myself'? Started Gupta with a mysterious smile ' Sometimes, I go with the flow of knowledge and the guidance I receive from the Almighty. In most of the cases I start with a reading based on the science of Samudrik Jyotish coupled with divinity. Thereafter whatever is needed next whether it is Chromotherapy , Gemtherapy, Reiki, Pranic or Hands On Healing, Tantrik rituals or nothing? In each individual case it may be different. There is nothing called one size fits all either to improve clients health or to improve their mundane situation.

Going through the chambers. I could not resist in taking a glimpse of all the certificates, trophies, proffesional degrees and diplomas. One of them which striked me personally was 'Soul- Therapist'

I decided to have some knowledge on this issue and asked ' Sir, could you please give me some details about Soul-Therapy?'

Again I saw the mysterious smile on his glowing face. He was so radiant . He answered ' This is where Karmas and Metaphysics dance together. I believe in the hurts and aches of Soul. This is what is reflected as disease on our physical body. Todays modern physicians try to supress the basic symptoms and control the outburst from the ailment. Practioner like me try to dive deep into the root cause of the disease and uproot it in order to totally heal the patient. We humans carry on the pains and aches from several Lives. This is were I try to heal the soul first.'

He kept going ' Even today’s modern medicine is being mechanical. We are prescribed medicines like we are throwing Oil in the engine of the car and coolant into the radiator.

The pity is very seldom we see someone practicing true Vedic Wisdom to Heal. Even the so called practioner of Ayurveda are following the same principal like selling over the counter medicine to patients than going through true Ayurveda. Wherein we have to follow Astrology, Yoga, Tantra, Yantra and Mantra to make the right medicine for a particular patient.'

Now I am personally jolted by his description. 'Could you please give me an example?'

'Say for instance someone has Breast Cancer. I am sure when I do her Janamkundali (Birth Chart) . I know for sure her fourth house will be heavily afflicted. Alonghwith this combination her luminaries will be afflicted. On top of it I have to go in the depth of all the charts including Navanmsha,etc.

Yes by the grace of God they could be healed without damaging radiation by suitable gems. Also we have to pluck gather few specific herbs in a special yoga and follow Astrological Aspects like A Lunar Eclipse. Then we do rituals on these herbs. Thereafter we let the patient use these herbs per instructions in an amulet or other ways. Thereafter we all wait to see the miracles. This is what is pure spiritual healing. any ailment can be healed if the nature allows us to heal . When we suggest anything we inform the clients that they should continue there regular medicine and follow what their doctor suggest them and add our process on the side.

Even we have seen root canal being unnecessary after few sittings. Just trhough the Vedic Process.'

To me as a reporter this was a jolting experience. I suddenly thought about another question which my readers would love to be answered by this scholar. I questioned 'If you have to give one example of Miracle ?'

Gupta was in flow 'Ofcourse, One client’s chart reflected tendency of 'Akal-Baadha'. A special amulet was made for him through the Satwik Tantrik Puja. This amulet was delivered to him in New York. He was instructed no matter what happens he has to wear the amulet 24/7.

When the unfotunate terrorist incident of bomb blast in the World Trade Center took place. This client was in the said premises. I was anxious. Later he confirmed that he was in the parking lot during the explosions. His clothes even were burnt and torn. By the God’s grace he was unharmed. Not even a scratch.

His saga did not end here. He was working during the tragedy of 09/11/01 in the Twin Towers. He managed to escape the building running down through the fire escape. the stairs were full of people, smoke, derbies and water.

As soon as he came out of the building he stoped to catch his breadth. Someone shouted at him and said that there was no time to stop, just run. He ran. Within seconds the building collapsed. He confessed that it was the powerful amulet which saved him again. . .' While narrating this I could see the flood of teardrops behind the bespectcled eyes of Dr. Gupta. I felt the his sadness. Suddenly such a radiant person became so gloomy.

We took a break.

After a short break . We resumed. 'I know that you predicted this tragedy more than nine months prior?’

He sadly said 'Let us not go into it. What can you do when the media who has your track record think you have lost it ! When you share this kind of foresight with them? In the modern age ; in this Kaliyuga people are stuck in the box with their tunnel vision. Only when there awareness has a shift these things could help.

Otherwise people like me may be throwing pearls in front of . . . .Somehow, Sometimes the fascination of corporate World sounds better than the Real World. So, can we come down on the earthly platform and focus on the Mundane matters ? '

I could feel the frustration and grief radiating from him. I did not want to drop onto the Mundane World yet. I gathered my courage and politely asked Gupta ' I am very sorry to ponder like this. It is entirely unto you if you don’t want to go into this. I can not help myself asking about Georgia Tech and such incidents.

Did you predict any such events? Can something be done to stop these types of tragedies?'

There was silence for few moments. I did not know what was coming next?

Gupta sighed and elaborated ' Tragedies, More tragedies ! What can I do when I am helpless? I am just a human being like you. I have my obligations. With limited resources and oppositions from smart non-believers. What can I do?' His voice became heavy and he suddenly looked worried .

I burped ' May be sharing with us and getting it published could help the humanity, sooner or later ? '

'Sooner or later? I have invested more than three decades? How much longer or  later?' I could relate to his frustration 'We are in the richest country. We brag to be so advanced in research and technology. Why the scholars and people like me not be funded for research? The knowledge of Vedas has been here for centuries. We have shown our excellence in all the field like Weather Forecast, Wars, Disasters, Terrorism and have been more accurate than the modern so called scientists.

Just see the waste of time and money about Pluto which our sages had discovered centuries ago and had discarded as planet then only. Whereas modern science kept on singing and dancing and wasting so much money and time for more than 170 years. Forget our emotions tied to Pluto.

My humble plea is research on the scriptures whether it is Biblical or Vedic, Islamic or from any religion .'

Reverting back to the tragedies. Gupta acsclaimed again 'Georgia Tech, Columbine or even the tragedy of Dhanak Family of Orange county , California could be seen via Jyotish and Vaastu (Advanced Science of Structure Design). If we learn from past , research and invest for a better future then certainly we can avoid such tragedies. Either on the micro level like individuals or on macro level expanding to nations and World.'

Gupta remarked 'We have enormous funding to know the unknown like Mars, Mercury, Moon Missions. But we have very little knowledge and understanding  in our scriptures from centuries. Only when our consciousness changes and expands we will live out of the box.

We can both go on these issues of ages but your newspapers won’t have room and we won’t have time.'

Such a young person with such knowledge and vision. Makes sense. I still had queries and wanted to seek his answers.

'Can you give me some case histories of your clients?'

'Of course. Why don’t you call them directly and find out whatever you want to know? Whether it is about their missing child or coming out of bad company, law and order? Whatever you want to ask them . You can ask yourself.'

I decided to thank him and end the session now and keep my fingers crossed till the awareness of this ancient wisdom develops. I wanted to ask him about the forthcoming presidential elections and his predictions about it and so many other questions. Knowing the limitation of time and the space in my newspaper. I thought to interview him again on a later date.

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