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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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The Lok Sabha (Parliamentary) elections of India
(the largest democratic country in the world) are being held now. Billions of people want to know from all time great astrologer
Narendra Modi will win his parliamentary seat without any doubt.

  • About Anil Kejriwal : I wish him luck but his planets are not so strong at the moment. He is laying a foundation though. This foundation will help him and India in the next elections. The birth chart of Mr. Kejriwal reveals that he is a devoted son of the soil and will help our motherland genuinely.  Because of the Kal Sarpa Yoga and the position of Mars and Saturn. He may have backstabbers around him who are called "Aastin Ka Saamp". Still with his strong leadership and deshbhakti he will be a good leader. His Janam Kundali does reflect that he is genuine and we need people like him.
  • Trinamool Congress will rise and will bag most of the seats from North East India.  Candidates who are primarily entertainers do have a good chance to win their seats. Still , the birth chart of Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Party will get a landslide victory.
  • Mamata Banerjee has the strongest chart among all the candidates I have consulted and have foreseen their future. She has the capability to lead India but depends if she wants to do so?




Dr. Sunit Kumar Gupta is the most famous vedic- astrologer, samudrik jyotishi and clairvoyant. Gupta enjoys a legendary reputation while predicting future of the country. All his predictions are carved on the stone and have been on the target since last 4 decades. He has correctly predicted seven presidential elections in USA and has predicted successfully about Indian elections since the time of Indira Gandhi.

Global news media enjoys the privilege of exclusive predictions of Sunit Gupta since last three decades. The Lok Sabha (Parliamentary) elections of India (the largest democratic country in the world) are being held now. Billions of people want to know from all time great astrologer


"End of the World" in 2012?

There has been much talk about the "End of the World" in 2012. This has created havoc in the minds of people. Is the Mayan Calendar ending? Is this why human beings are becoming paranoid? Are they thinking about the alignment of the astrological planets, a phenomenon that happens once in centuries? The conscious as well as unconscious mind is fighting anxiety, stress and depression. The caveman instincts kick in.

Those who believe in the paranormal are taking dogmatic approaches towards their lives. They are consulting priests, astrologers , psychics, psychiatrists, counselors, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.

A Noahs' Arch is being created by some, others are living in Bunkers, some even in submarines. There is a great deal of panic resulting from hyped media presentations!

My reputation through successful predictions since more than 3 decades has labeled me with various names :
Astrologer , Clairvoyant, Card Reader, Palmist, Psychic, Pundit/ Priest, Tantrik, Futurist, Meta-physician, Paranormal Expert, Seer, and what not?

Media reporters from all over the World have been asking me about details of this Doomsday for several years. I have been dodging them by saying when the time is right. I shall reveal details about this unique phenomenon.

I felt this is the right time to reveal the secrets of the Stars and share my wisdom.

Being a firm believer, practitioner and teacher of Astrology. I have discounted the predictions based on Western Tropical Astrology more than 30 years ago. Since child hood I have witnessed the amazing accuracy of Sanatan Hindu Samudrik Jyotish. Peevishly (Commonly) misunderstood as Vedic Astrology. Based on Samudrik (Oceanic) Jyotish hereunder are my observation for So called Doomsday :

In the scriptures (Vedas) "Pralay" is the correct word for End Of The World. Be it an event of Life of a subject or Global affair. Anything can be foreseen way ahead.

After researching on this theory of doomsday and going through the hyped media waive. My experience in Vedas, Puranas and Samudrik Jyotish leads me to believe and conclude that 2012 will not bring Doomsday. Life in the lap of mother earth will be fine.

There may be some minor calamity because of planets. December third onwards a fortnight may bring some bad news though.

I urge the readers to keep their faith up . We will be fine and will enjoy the New Year and our Life thereafter.

Dr. Sunit Kumar Gupta


28 October 2012



Not just the United State of America but the entire World is waiting anxiously to see who
the Next President of America is going to be?
Meida polls, Anlaysts, Experts, Wall Street Magnets, Debates. All come to the same conclusion of being
tied with the same numbers. They can not predict.
India West went through the archives and witnessed a different approach. Paranormal sciences. In the archives 
retrieved past predictions by a prominent Vedic Astrologer, Palmist (Boasts to have read Bush's Palms) and Clairvoyant. Dr. Sunit K. Gupta. The man who sees the future. India West tallied his predictions for 5 previous Presidential Elections.

Dr.  Gupta's predictions were on the Bull's Eye. All the time.
Besides the prediction for the Presidents. Gupta's predictions have been accurate with city council members,
senators,congressman, international affairs, stock market,etc. He is a household name when it comes to predictions.
Never ever failed. Even when he begged (as published in Daily Bulletin October 6th 2004 & I.W.) that he should be wrong in his prediction for George Bush Jr. as next president.
Astrologer Gupta announced decades earlier about the doom of Jinxed American Economy.
India West decided to take his opinion about the November presidential elections.
"Although I am blessed to be right on each of my predictions. I did not want to make predictions for
upcoming president. There are two reasons : Mr. Obama did not do much for us (Americans) as he promised ! Mr.Romney has a strong chart but is not the right contentdor" said Gupta "Mr. Obama will be our next elected President. God is giving him another chance to do the right Karmas".
"I had mentioned during the last elections that Obama will win and improve the tarnished image of
our country. I even mentioned about Obama Vs. Osama. All of my  predictions did come true. The planets
are bestowing extra luck upon him which Mr. Romney is deprieved from. Since Mercury, Jupiter will be
in retrogation and Sturn will be combust. Lots of hungama and trickery may crop up during elections.
We should not forget the contest between Mr. Al Gore and Mr. George Bush. God Bless America " concluded the well known seer.


Michael Jackson's Weeping Soul Seeks Justice !

In July 2009. I could not resist the pain of Superstar Michael Jackson's murder. Jackson's role on this planet being ridiculed by some of the weak and opportunist media reporters. Accusing the legend of being on street drugs. Hurdling all the weird allegations on him....

I tuned myself with God. Armed with my knowledge, speciality and wisdom from Metaphysics. I was probably the only astrologer/spiritualist to contradict all the speculations. I had boldly predicted that Moonwalker's death was a murder.

Media all over the World did publish my insight and predictions. Including India West (July 2nd week) and other publications.

Wherein I pleaded : "I wish the detectives and team of L.A.P.D can successfully solve the mystery".

I am proud of L.A.P.D, Lee Baca's Sheriff Department, Detectives and the team members of Law.

Today after Dr. Conrad Murray's appearance in the court , charges filed against him confirmed that Mr. Michael Jackson was murdered mercilessly.

Now my plea is to the prosecutor and learned judge to give us justice. He should not leave a single stone unturned and solve the conspiracy about Jackson's death. This may unpeel the onion skins and prove that Dr. Murry is just a pawn and there is a mysterious conspiracy behind Michael's murder.

God Bless Michael Jackson's soul and family.

In Hope of Justice.

Dr. Sunit Gupta
Los Angeles..


"The Moonwalker Walks on the Moon and Shines like The Super Star"

First of all I offer my condolences to the Jackson family. Thereafter I extend my condolences to
zillions of fans and well wishers of Moonwalker.

I tuned into Michael Jackson more than 2 decades ago while living in his neighborhood.

Made predictions about his Life from time to time.

I am in grief and did not want to join the media circus after such a divine soul passed away!

Was resisting to give any views to public. Still, being connected to the cosmos of the universe. Am being guided to give my opinion about the superstar. Now which is twinkling in the sky!

There is huge commotion in the media. Everyone is speculating and throwing their opinion. The pity is that legendry personality is being dissected mercilessly. Not just his body is undergoing post mortem but his character, personality, lifestyle every thing is being scrutinized severely. This provoked me to break my silence and I started tuning to the heavenly
cosmos . Armed with the god gifted knowledge and successful predictions. I am narrating my views hereunder:

Michael does not deserve this. His soul is suppose to be at peace with the almighty God, under the soothing wings of archangel Michael !

Michael Jackson had a loving soul. He was a genius. He had made significant sacrifices and did help the humanity. I am speaking through the collage of the sciences. Visually, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Divya Dhristi, Astral Communication, etc.

He had a very strong personality. It is all garbage that he killed himself by : overdosing on street drugs, or he was paranoid about his forthcoming tour, or he did not have stamina to perform in 50 shows. No! none of this is true. Mars in the natal chart is very strong. A person born with such Mars will never even imagine to commit suicide. As a matter of fact, he was very careful and cautious about his health. He could have performed 100s of such shows.

Observing his Moon, Venus, Rahu and Saturn. I will say boldly that he was a born artist. He was not a timid drug addict.

Since, Jupiter and Mercury are playing a devious role in his chart. The dasha (Moon's Mansion) Ketu (Dragon's Tail) brought this mysterious death.

He has been a victim of his own generosity and trust. Since he was naive and trusted the educated professionals. This is what happened to him. He was a visionary for the music and arts. He did not have time to formally educate himself. His trust on his associate brought this on him. Although it is difficult. Still,
I wish the detectives and team of L.A.P.D can successfully solve the mystery.

Mr. Michael Jackson. May God Bless you and may your soul rest in peace

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