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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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Classical Homeopathy is very different in approach from most medical care systems. Normally one goes to a doctor for a specific disease or problem. You are given a medicine to make that problem go away. But the symptoms are there for a reason, and if the reason still exists then the problem will return, either in the same form or as a different disease or problem. I'm sure you have had experiences, where despite treatment problems return again and again. At other times problems seem to disappear after treatment, but not long afterwards new problems come out to take their place. The reason for this is that the core problem wasn't dealt with. This is called suppression. Homeopathy has a clear understanding of the difference between suppression and real cure. With cure, the root of the problem is dealt with first, and as a result the symptoms are no longer needed and fade away.

In most cases homeopaths look at everything that is going on in a the patients life, not just a few symptoms in isolation. The same patient that comes in complaining of headaches, may also have depression, insecurities, low energy and a long list of other problems. All of these problems stem from the same root cause and by dealing with it, all of the problems will fade away. During a very lengthy initial appointment all of the problems will be explored. Then a single homeopathic remedy, matching the whole picture is chosen.

These natural remedies are made from plants, minerals and other natural substances. They are prepared by a process of step by step repeated dilution and shaking, which makes them capable of stimulating the body's own defense system. The remedy is usually given one time only, and then allowed to work for a long time. Homeopaths recognize the importance of intervening as little as possible. They know the body is intelligent and produces symptoms for a reason. Rather than giving a medicine which ignores the intelligence of the body, homeopaths choose the one homeopathic remedy which can strengthen the body and allow it to heal itself.

After the correct homeopathic remedy, most patients feel greater well being and happiness. Homeopathic care goes much deeper than most types of treatment. Changes in life long problems, both physical and emotional are reported.

Homeopathy is not well known in the United States yet, though it is growing fast due to its high success rate in helping people, especially those that cannot be helped by conventional medicine. Homeopathy is very common and accepted in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, India and many other countries.

Homeopathy is often extremely effective with people who have chronic diseases. This includes any long-term physical or emotional problems, as well as illnesses which return time and time again. Whether conventional medicine considers the condition curable or not is not the major factor in determining whether homeopathy can help. Homeopathy is also appropriate for those who have problems that bother them, even though no disease has been diagnosed.

Homeopathic remedies are chosen based upon the "Law of Similars." This says that a medicine which produces a set of symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same set of symptoms. Each homeopathic remedy has been carefully tested on large numbers of healthy people and we have discovered what symptoms produced in these people and thus we also know what symptoms it is capable of curing in you. We are not matching single symptoms but the whole pattern of symptoms, the gestalt. Homeopathic remedies are all natural medicines. Some are herbs, some minerals or other natural substances. They are prepared by a special process of step by step dilution and succussion (shaking) which makes them capable of effecting your health in a much deeper way than the remedy could without this process.

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