the Lion Between Matter & Spirit by P Shneidre & A Liffey, featuring Sunit Gupta & Others
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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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Spiritual Journey

Dr. Sunit Gupta's Tantric teachings promotes the reclaiming of our union with the energy within, through the teaching of the Enlightened Spiritual Masters of Tantra, Tantra Puja, Tantrik Healings, Tantra worship and More.

The starting point in Tantra is to heal our relationships, and ourselves. Both men and women are called to integrate their inner feminine, to be in balance and harmony. Dr Gupta's main aim is to help all to reunite with your innate self, connection with the Divine feminine within, with Mother Earth, and our physical nature.
Dr. Gupta is blessed by his Gurus who have handed over their ancient knowledge of Tantra unto him . This knowledge is very much guarded and is practiced in East India since thousands years B.C.

Kolkata, Kamakhya, Kamrup, Tarapeeth, Gorakhpur, and Tibet are the traditional Seats of Tantra .

Dr. Gupta renounciated at a very young age and had left the material home to become a devotee under Spiritual Guidance of Srila Prabhupada.

A Vaishnavite since birth. He is a staunch devotee of “Vaishno Devi.” Even in the practice of Tantric Rituals.

Tantric Practice of Dr. Gupta emphasizes on:

Aakarshan : The meaning is “To Attract” , Mohan : The meaning is “To Charm”, Sam -Mohan : The meaning is “To Mesmerize”. These three Tantric Kriyas are use in developing Harmony in relationship, marriage, job, business, improving Sales and Acting performance, election, competition, etc.

Vashikaran: To bring someone in their own influence. This Kriya could also be used for the above mentioned cause.

Uchchattan: Literally means to uproot the circumstance (negative), enemy, bad luck or disease, etc.

Vichcheda: To create separation. This is implied if your child/spouse or relative is in a bad company.

Maran : Literally means to kill. Again is used to kill Bad luck, Evil Eye or disease, etc.

When an individual fails to get any result from their daily practice and through Gem Stones, etc. Then these Kriyas are performed to help the individual.

With us you have the opportunity to explore all about Tantra, sound healing, Tantric Sensual massage, Kundalini healing meditation, Ayurvedic massage, Vedic astrology, Agni Homa and more. Check our other pages for informative, inspirational, life improvement resources

Please come and grow with US

Dr Gupta offers you information on spiritual living, and invites you to participate in his community.

Our aim is to support the complete integration of body, mind and soul. We seek to contribute to the growth of humanity through the information available. We believe that we all have the power to make a difference to Mother Earth and Humanity by expanding our awareness.

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USAsia Business Expo
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