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Dr Gupta spent five months helping victims of the Tsunami in India. He is available to help/consult.

 ‘15th International Sindhi Sammelan’
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Most of us the human beings in the World today believe in Vibrations, Luck, Destiny and many such subjects under the umbrella of Metaphysics , Paranormal, Occult and Parapsychology. Dr. Sunit Gupta is an exponent of this subject and has reached the Zenith of fame through his experience and knowledge.

Dr. Gupta explains the finite details :

"Vaastu and Feng Shui are the science of Architecture and Dwelling. Be it city, state, country, Domicile, Business, Office, Temple, Church or any structure. If we follow the right methodology we must get the optimum results. Vaastu Shastra is the source and more intense whereas Feng Shui is improvised version and certainly lacks much details. If practiced they both offer results. "

There are merely handful (may be 20) of knowledgeable practitioner of such sciences in the entire World. Through his devotion towards the sacred arts. Dr. Gupta proclaims:
"In order to get the precise results even while helping a client through Vaastu or Feng Shui. You have to be a good astrologer, palmist, tantric, intuitive psychic and a gifted spiritualist"

Unless all these science and gifts are collaged the mere consultation of so called Vaastu or Feng Shui principals may not yield desired results.


For Example People are so scared and afraid of living in a South Facing premises. Just because some of the so called practitioners have spread the rumors of East facing premises are best? In my experience I have found contradictory results.

I personally use each and every science of Hindu Shastras, My experience and Godly Gifts handed over to me through Gurus, God, Goddess and Angels. I do not leave a single stone unturned while doing Vaastu. My intention is to help the clients. When they are spending money on my services and construction . I have to give them the best and result oriented consultation than following merely set of widely spread rumors and so called set of rules.

In so many cases I had to even go beyond time or enter the past to figure out the right way to solve the problem.

I remember one case where the client could not be helped by all the big names in this industry and so called big Gurus. NO ONE COULD HELP HIM AND HIS FAMILY. I visited his industry and tuned myself through Tantric process into the past. I asked to be left alone and let me do my job. Let the workers in the industry continue to work. During my examination of the industrial plant. At one spot I screamed and cried with excruciating pain. Everyone ran towards me. I almost fainted. I screamed "This is where one worker's arm was amputated!"

The client rushed me to his private chamber and requested not to give detail out there but just to him in private.

Although IN GREAT PAIN. I smiled that I found the cause of his downfall. I ordered him to go to find the family of the worker and help them with money (as compensation) and take care of their day to day need. He did and in return his Life improved. This is KARMA. The nucleus of all the knowledge. We cannot ignore the cycle of Karma and just focus on bookish knowledge.

Vaastu science has to co-relate with the Janam Kundali (Birth Chart) and Palmistry. We have to see the planetary harmony of dwellers and the structure otherwise Vaastu may be useless. This knowledge probably is very limited to a few persons (4-5) in the present World" said Gupta

Dr. Gupta has produced an Exclusive DVD for the first time in the World on "VAASTU-SHATRA".
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Vaastu Chart
The eight directions in Vaastu Shastra represent different gods and planets. Accordingly Vaastu determines the particular position of the different parts of a building or structure.

There are only handful of knowledgeable vaastu shastri who have in depth knowledge of vaastu. Dr. Gupta is one of the blessed Vaastu-Shastri who possess the right knowledge.

He can do just the opposite of the vaastu or feng shui practioner you have already consulted. For example, Dr. Gupta proclaims that the south facing direction could take a person to zenith. On the contrary, the north facing direction could bring disaster for the same subject.

He is the only known person in this practice who consults in vaastu after going in depth of "birth- chart" and "palmistry"

He also contradicts the so called feng shui or vaastu expert who believe in demolishing the structure. Dr. Gupta from his experience can offer tantric remedies @ fraction of the cost and anxiety.

Sunit Gupta also believes in the effect of "Vaastu - naag" where other practitioners overlook this aspect.

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