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Jagadguru Shankrachrya

" His Holiness Jagadguru Shankrachrya, Shri. Divyanand Teerth Blesses America "Jagad Guru 1

Reported by Dr. Sunit Kumar Gupta.

Riverside, CA - The Full Moon of Jyeshtha Maas ( June ) radiated the rays of illumination unto all of us from the great Hindu Saint His Holiness Jagadguru Shri. Divyanand Teerth at Shri. Lakshmi Narayan Mandir of Riverside, California.

Being Renowned as Shankracharya of Bhanpur. This great self realized soul inaugurated the Katha (Discourse) of "Shiv- Mahapuran". Starting from the Full Moon moving through varios Nakshatras (Constellations) of Shravan, Jyestha and Shatbhisha : Favourite Nakshartras of Lord Shiva. The Katha lasted for full one week.

The elite members of the Hindu Society and numerous organizations sat under the lotus feet of Jagadguru to fulfill their quest of Sanatan Dharma (Commonly known as Hinduism). The congregation included the famous Doctors, Astrologers, Pundits, Solicitors, Producers, Actors, Businessmen and "Amritpushushasya" (people emancipated from Holy Nectar) from all walks of Life. The attendees were from infants till 93 years old.

A pin drop silence was noticed when Shri. Shankracharya spoke, followed by thunderous laughter and claps. Being a "Pope" figure of Sanatan Dharma and backed by educational Master’s Degree. Jagadguru (Master of the Universe) just did not go through "Shiv-Mahapuran" verbatim. With his divine depth of Life and spirituality he correlated each and every verse of Puran with practical application on Life.

Jagad Guru 2

Jagad Guru 3

First of all he blessed Non Resident Indians and the Americans. Thereafter he cleared the myth and controversies connected with millions of Gods and Goddesses being worshipped with persuasiveness of being Supreme. Lord Shiva is Aadipurusha. No one knows his Utpatti (birth details). Lord Shiva himself is the Supreme God according to "Shiva- Mahapuran". Then he created all other Gods and Godesses.

Babaji explained the the importance of Shiva Mahapuran Katha compared to other Puranas and Kathas like Shrimad Bhagvatam. He mentioned that listening to Siva Mah apuran instantly Liberates a person who has become "Patit: (Sinned) and bestows them with good luck.

The light was also thrown on the importance of the Jyotish (Vedic-Astrology, Palmistry, etc.) and Metaphysical concepts mentioned in the Vedas. How renowned saints followed and predicted through their immense knowledge of Jyotish helping the mankind.

Swamiji's discourse webbed inter relationship between various scriptures of Sanatan Dharam including Puranas, Bhagwat Geeta, Shrimad Bhagwatam, Ramayan. The essence of different scriptures was co-related with Kaliyuga (Present Time) and the guidance was given to the mankind to lead the life according to Dharma.

Dharma is just not religion but is the everyday lifestyle. He emphasised on finite actions. The basis of "Varnakshar" (so called cast system) Starting from the "Shramik" (ordinary laborer (Shudra) till the Brahmin was explained so beautifully with reference to context with the practical Life. The conclusion was that everyone is created and being loved by God Shiv-Shankar Bholenaath. No human being is indispensable. All are created and loved equally. In order to strengthen the World one has to strengthen the labor class and then the domino effect will follow. Everyone and everything will prosper.

The conflicts will be resolved too. Here, His Holiness focused on all the religions being followed in the World. He pointed on the similarities of all religions . Budhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity , Judaism and others were discussed and the focus was on the inter faith harmony.

During the discousre Shiva Mahapuran was being explained everyday for 2 to 3 hours. Thereafter the Prasad (Blessed food) was served. As celeberated all over the World during Shivaratri. On Saturday the marriage of Lord Shiva was preformed with Mother Parvati. During the ceremony Shanracharyaji explained the improtance of marriage. The vows taken during the marriage. The role of husband and wife. He concluded with his appeal to ladies that they should not follow Mata Kaikai and demand from their husband, beyond his capacity. Otherwise, surely will be moving towards widowhood or separation as in case of Mata Kaikai. Similarly, the husbands should remain within their limits otherwise symbolic Demonic Ravan may take away their wife as happened with Mata Sita.

The root of all evil is greed. Swamiji , emphazised on greed and lack of self control and ignoring the Vedas. When he detailed the present economical situation and Globlal Recession. He congratulated most of the Indians and Americans with knowledge of Vedas who maintained the discipline and stayed within their means. As opposed to jumping in the band wagon and financially overstretched themselves resulting in disaster of foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc.

The congregration and members of Shri. Lakshmi Narayan Mandir and Hindu Society of Inland Empire worked very hard to organize Shanracharyaji's program. The staff , sponsors, donors, volunteers and management worked very hard for this unique event. Jagadguru usually never leaves India and is content with his position on the traditional seat.

Shri. Divyanand Ji is the first Shankracharya who stepped out of India and is preaching all over the World. Jagadguru is accompnied by his two disciples from India Shri. Umesh ji and Dr. Samrat Ashok. He will revisit N.America next year. The temple welcomes the participation of devotees to help for the next visit of Jagadguru.

The entire discourse on the Shiv Mahapuran was recorded by the best photo/videographers of Los Angeles. They are working on editing and formatting it on the DVD format, will be available to public. To know more about the DVDs either contact the temple or visit and www.2OUM.COM

Jagad Guru 4

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